My Top 10 Pakistani Dramas 

So, it’s been a while eh? I always say this after a long sabbatical. I will be honest; it’s been an insanely busy few months. I always say this too don’t I? But, I have three weeks off work at the moment and I guess I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting. This year has literally FLOWN in to the point where I feel like I blinked and it’s almost 2018. I was thinking the other day, if this is what life will be like from now on. That as I get older, will every year fly by like this and before I know it I will have turned into my mum saying to my kids; “one day your kids will be grown up and have their own lives and it will happen before you know it”. We all have those chats with our mums and think yeah yeah mum, we know! But it’s quite scary to think that that time actually doesn’t seem as far away as it once did.

Anyhow, this is getting a little deep so let me get back to what today’s post is about.

I love watching TV and films. Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE going to the cinema and love my Netflix membership almost as much as I love my husband. Just kidding. Kind of…HEHE.

Not only do I watch shows in English and Urdu but I also love watching TV shows from other countries. A while ago I was obsessed with Turkish TV shows (not the ones dubbed in Urdu) and more recently I’ve moved on to Korean TV dramas on Netflix. They are so over the top it’s hilarious but I love watching them! I really enjoy the fact that I have to pay attention to the subtitles to understand what’s going on whereas when you understand the language you sort of switch off. If you have any good Korean recommendations do send me them!

Right, anyway…Pakistani dramas! Now, if you aren’t someone who watches them let me make a few things clear before you go and watch some of these:

-Pakistani dramas can be over the top. Accept this, don’t question it and just go with the flow.

-There are some dramas with amazing acting and there are some with some ridiculous acting and scenes that will really annoy you but again go with it. Some of the ones I have recommended did actually wind me up a little at some points whilst watching them but they are still worth a watch!

-Most of them are available on Youtube. I have watched so many over the last few years so if it’s on this list then give it a go because I’ve thought long and hard about this list over two weeks!!

-I don’t always watch every episode fully and sometimes binge watch a 30 episode drama in a weekend by forwarding boring bits. I know this is a bit of a cop out but some scenes in Pakistani dramas are pointless and don’t really add anything to the story.

-Those of you who watch Pakistani dramas all the time may disagree with my list but as with everything else, this is just my opinion. I won’t give you a synopsis for each one because knowing me I will end up giving away far too much and ruin the storyline for you!

Okay, enough disclaimers and drivel! Let’s get on with it!

1. Yakeen Ka Safar As with everyone else that watched this drama recently, I too had withdrawal symptoms after finishing it and didn’t know what direction to take my life in after it ended. Personally, I found the first 15 episodes pretty boring and didn’t know what the hype was all about. PERSEVERE and you will love the second half. Let’s just say there’s a certain doctor in there that will make the waiting worth it. The scenes that were shot in Neelam Valley in Pakistan were just absolutely breath-taking and I can’t wait to see all these parts of Pakistan one day! I cried a lot watching this one particularly because of the father daughter relationship plotline that is covered within it. Honestly, anything to do with parents and I just SOB. It’s ridiculous. My husband thought something bad had happened when he saw my swollen eyes but of course it was just me being a drama queen and crying my eyes out watching Yakeen Ka Safar.

2. MaatThis is actually quite an old drama but definitely worth a watch. I watched it a few years ago and it’s one of those ones that leaves a good message at the end!

3. MausamI will always remember this one because I watched it with my sister. We would record this on the Sky planner and sit every week with a load of food to watch it without fail adding in our commentary as we ate. Some of the characters annoyed me in this one but overall it’s a cute love story and I really enjoyed it. Not sure what Madiha’s opinion would be. I will wait for her to pipe in once this post goes live…

4. Mohobbat Subh Ka SitaraThis one is slightly slow but there’s just something about it that stuck with me. There’s a particular scene involving a fishtank that made me cry so much. Are you beginning to notice a pattern with me, soap operas and crying?

5. HumsafarNow I know many people will be offended that this isn’t at the top of my list! This particular drama is known as the drama that put Pakistani TV shows on the map again. It was a HUGE hit when it came out and has almost become a cult classic. It has everything that a typical Pakistani drama consists of. You have your romance, the mother in law/daughter in law dynamic, a load of emotional scenes and crying, a last wish made by a dying character and some stunning outfits that many a girl went and had remade for themselves by their own tailor. Get your girls together for this one – it’s defo one to watch in a group! Fun fact: my sister watched this when she lived in Paris and said she didn’t come out of her studio apartment for three days because she couldn’t stop watching it. Fully expect this sort of thing to happen to you too.

6. Bashar MominI really thought about whether to add this on to the list or not. My sister BEGGED me to watch this and I really wasn’t keen on watching it when she narrated the plotline to me. A lot of what happens in this drama is ridiculous and I feel like it sends out the wrong message to men and women in Pakistani society. Having said that it’s one of those ones you love to hate and I did end up binge watching it so popping it on this list for that reason. I was also aghast at myself for finding Faisal Qureshi good looking in this because the last time I had ever seen him in a drama was during his Boota from Toba Tek Singh days. In my defence, I must say that he’s evolved for the better since the 90s.

7. Aun ZaraThis one is a comedy and I found it hilarious! Very different from other mainstream Pakistani drama serials. Often Pakistan gets the genre of comedy wrong and I never find any of their comedy funny whatsoever. This genuinely did make me laugh and it’s a pretty sweet storyline without any huge social messages in there that will make you want to throw yourself off a building thinking about the cruel world that we live in.

8. Mere Qatil Mere DildaarAgain, this is a few years old and not one of the more recent ones but it kept me hooked throughout. If you’re into revenge plotlines then this is the one for you.

9. SammiBecause of my crying and the fact that I cry at ANYTHING remotely sad, I was reluctant to watch this when I heard what the story was based on. But, I highly recommend that you watch it because there are things that happen to girls in Pakistan and sadly around the world that girls brought up in the west will never even know about. This particular subject was one that I was not even aware of until I watched this drama and although the world we are living in is changing and modernising; sadly, for some it isn’t moving fast enough. There’s some brilliant acting in this but some parts of the plotline didn’t really work for me. Having said that it’s still a fantastic Pakistani drama so if you’re looking for something meaty to get into then this is the one for you. Get the box of tissues ready!

10. Dil Lagi I wasn’t too sure about adding this one in because I didn’t actually finish it. It’s one I keep meaning to get back to and just haven’t got round to it. I’m not in love with it or anything but it’s got some elements that warrant it place number 10 on this list!

I know many of you will be shocked that I haven’t included Zindagi Gulzar Hai on here but honestly I found it so boring. There’s a few others that are very well known that I just haven’t got round to watching yet so that may be the reason they aren’t on here.

I hope you enjoying watching some of these with friends and family. Let me know what you think! 


Miss Mulberry