Zaful Feature 

Today’s outfit is from last weekend so I am little late in posting but it has been one of those weeks! So many of you appreciated this one on Snapchat so bringing you all the details on here today.Dress and bag – Zaful

Shoes – Aldo

Sunglasses – ASOS 

Watch – Larson & Jennings 

I recently discovered Zaful while I was looking for full length dresses and loved the fact that they have lots of clothes which can be worn by women who choose to cover up. I’ve said it before and say it again. There is nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect skirt or dress only to then realise it has a slit up to the bum whilst you are standing at the checkout desk. How many times has this happened to you girls? Do not even get me started on the half lined dresses trend that just doesn’t seem to go away. It’s like, here’s a sheer maxi dress…oh, wait why don’t we act as though it were a mini – wouldn’t that be cool? No. 

Sadly, this is something us girls are fighting with all the time but like I said I did find some pretty good ‘hijab friendly’ contenders on Zaful. Everything is mega cheap as well so expect the quality to be around Primark standards. It’s not awful but it’s not absolutely amazing quality ether but you will find a million things on there that you will want to buy at insane prices so it all kind of balances out if you know what I mean?! This dress was around $18 so you can’t really complain. Swings and roundabouts eh? You can shop by clicking:

The website is pretty easy to use and like I said you will find lots of bargains. I ordered a few outfits and they all came around 5 days after I ordered and they were sent via courier so there were no issues with delivery. They have a lot of items in the sale right now that look gorgeous. Even the dress I am wearing! 

Here is the direct link:

The second item I ordered for this outfit was this super quirky cassette shaped bag! How awesome?!

I still remember listening to my cassettes in my portable cassette player not that long ago so this little number was a cute trip down memory lane! 

The link for this one:

I bought one more outfit but will save that for another blog post! I will also show you what other items are on my wish list in the next post. 

Their Instagram page is @zaful by the way if you want a wee nosey but check out the website first!

I know these pictures will annoy so many of you because there you are freezing your bums off in freezing temperatures and here’s me laying amongst flowers and wearing pretty pastels. Just realised I’ve said ‘bum/bums’ twice in one post. What am I like?! 

Till next time girlies! 


Miss Mulberry X


NA-KD Feature

I absolutely love this outfit! It’s a little bit edgy for me so something a little different than my usual bright colours and floral prints. But I like changing it up and technically we are heading into winter/fall (not that you can really feel it in Dubai since the sun is still shining) so I’m trying to inject darker colours into my wardrobe again! I know a lot of bloggers and fashionistas always wear black and have like monochrome looking Instagram pages but you guys know a) I’m not even cool and b) I love bright colours too much. Having said that, it’s nice to do an all-black look once in a while so here’s how I put together this one!

Outfit – NA-KD

Shoes – Aldo

Sunglasses – Market Stall in Souk Naif, Deira

Bag – Zara

I loved this black sweater with white print on the chest. The straight fit meant I could wear it with almost any kind of trousers/jeans and it would work but I chose to glam up the casual look with high waisted zipper pants also from

 The direct links to this outfit:

Luckily, I have teamed up with NA-KD and they have agreed to give my followers a 20% off discount voucher for the next few days to use on their website. Simply enter ‘sameera20’ at the checkout and you will receive a sweet discount off your overall total! They have some gorgeous, on trend pieces on their website and I love that they are offering free worldwide delivery. My package arrived to Dubai in 2 days via DHL so no matter where you are in the world you can order with peace of mind that your things will arrive without any fuss.

A little bit about NA-KD

An online global marketplace which sells clothing, footwear, accessories and lifestyle products which are unique and from around the world. What I loved about their website is that they stock over 100 international brands so you are sure to find something that nobody else in your wee hometown will be wearing! The website is user friendly and very easy to use. Be sure that if you’re not happy with anything the returns process is super easy.

My top 3 picks! 

Here’s some more pictures of my outfit around the artistic streets of City Walk, Dubai.

Happy shopping!


Miss Mulberry