All Zara outfit!

Seriously, you can’t actually go wrong with a bit of Zara can you? Pretty sure I read somewhere the other day that the owner of Zara is now the richest man in the world. Does this even surprise you? Not me. I’ve sure contributed to quite a bit of his wealth whilst decreasing mine every time pay day hits by blowing whatever I have in my local store! I’m a huge Zara fan as we all are actually so here’s an outfit from a while back where I’m covered head to toe in the label!

I bought the outfit and the shoes in the summer sale and just loved the simple yet effective look that these striped trousers gave. Vertical stripes make you look slimmer and longer so I’ve always loved wearing stripes! More for the length rather than to look slimmer in my case though! 

FYI the bag is Mulberry and the sunglasses are from Centrpoint! Thoughts on this look?

I would write some more but it’s 3am and we just came back from a concert which I’m sure a lot of you will have seen on my snaps from tonight. More on this eventful night tomorrow!

For now, I bid you adieu!


Miss Mulberry 


The Jam Jar Dubai 

Last weekend I turned 26 and had a whale of a time crossing into the side of my 20s which will slowly push me into the LATE 20’s category in a year or two. I’m at that awkward stage of my life where I’m not early or mid-twenties but I’m not LATE yet either? I’m going to hang on to mid-twenties for as long as I can! 

Anyway, the husband had planned out a very thoughtful weekend filled with activities and relaxation. One of the things he had organised for us to do was an afternoon of painting at The Jam Jar Art Studio in Al Quoz, Dubai.This was something that was on our joint bucket list that we made before we got married and I had been dying to tick off for ages! Of course, this was an addition that I had made on to the list. Of course. But, bless the wee lamb went and organised this for us to do this because I used to love painting so much but thanks to this little ting called life I don’t ever get to do it anymore.

I wasn’t planning on blogging this originally but we had SUCH a good time I thought I would quickly tell you guys a little about the concept because I’m sure it’s something many of you would enjoy. 

The concept is simple: you go in, choose a canvas size and paint whatever the heck you like using the paints provided all in two whole hours! Now, my husband is literally he least creative person ever so he was panicking at the thought of painting something just off the top of his head! At first we looked through a few books that were there for some inspiration but in the end I suggested us creating something using a photograph of us both on the beach in Dubai as it would mean something to us.After spending about 30 minutes sketching our visions on to canvas we started to paint. Again, this may make many of you nervous but seriously just GO FOR IT. The paint just looks so good on the canvas that it all just sort of comes together?! We had so much fun painting together, getting a little competitive and just relaxing. Obviously we took some photos too!There is a really nice atmosphere in the art studio thanks to the snazzy music that they play in the background and everyone around you just looks so calm. The whole point of the exercise is to relax and not stress about creating this perfect piece of art. Oh, by the way…don’t worry I had a good giggle at Atteeq with his legs out in that picture above too! So, we both ended up with two VERY different paintings. It showed us once again just how different we are as human beings. My colours were so bold and assertive whereas Atteeq’s painting looked as though he was almost afraid to commit paint to canvas?! This is me now starting to over analyse our art work. I used to love writing essays during art lessons and coming up with crazy theories as to why Monet used the brush strokes that he did. Yes our paintings turned out very different from one another’s and yes I may have made fun of his just a little but they are both now hanging up in our apartment with pride. I smile every time I see them.Why I would recommend trying out some painting at The Jam Jar:

-Atteeq tells me price depends on the size of the canvas but he paid 120AED for a medium sized canvas per person. The next size up was more expensive but mahoosive and just not practical.

-It’s a lovely way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.

-Something different to try for all ages! 

-You will come home with a piece of art that you created with your own hands to keep forever and ever!

I know, I know. I’m such a cheese ball.
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Before I go, here’s some outfit pictures. I know it’s all about the painting today but there’s always an outfit picture. Always.

Outfit – Zara 

Shoes – Asos

Choker and bracelets – Forever 21 Love, 

Miss Mulberry