The end of a Writer’s Block

Us human beings, we sure do give up on things too quickly don’t we? We live in a time when everything is so replaceable we find it easier to get rid of things and just buy something new instead. I’m guilty of this myself to be honest but recently I learned a good lesson on my trip back home. I just spent 5 weeks of my summer in the UK and it was absolutely amazing. Hence, I have been a little out of touch with this blog. It’s taken me days to actually pick up my laptop and write. So here I am.

My lesson that I learned? When I left my home in Scotland after getting married a year ago I decided that I was going to buy a new laptop, something state of the art to go with my new life in Dubai. My laptop at the time was one I had bought for around £300 back in 2008, the year that I started university. I remember saving up money from my part time job and going into PC World and asking for the cheapest laptop that they had. Now looking back, I know that my dad would have happily bought me a brand new laptop for university considering I would be using it for four whole years. But, for some reason I wanted to pay for it myself. Pretty sure I wasn’t so righteous when it came to buying new clothes for the start of university with father’s money but that’s another matter. So, there I was with my brand new ADVENT laptop that weighed around 8 kilos and was nothing compared to the snazzy Macbook’s my counterparts typed away on in the library. But, I was content.

Somewhere along the line I started blogging and all of a sudden my wee cheap laptop wasn’t good enough for the things that I wanted to do. I would annoy my siblings by using theirs but when they would tell me to shut up and leave their room, 8kg Advent always came in handy. By the time my wedding came along in 2015 my laptop was as slow as anything thanks to the 732487368753876358 songs/photographs/random nonsense that I had downloaded on to it. So, when it came to packing my life up I generously offered my laptop to anyone who wanted it because I would be buying a brand new one. Everyone declined since it was on it’s last legs. The husband very kindly offered to buy me one as part of my wedding present but I told him to stop being so unromantic and that I was not going to tell our future children that I was gifted an ELECTRONIC for promising to spend my life with him. That was him told.

The Advent laptop was left behind and I started my new life. Before moving to Dubai we went to PC World to pick me up a new one but the one that I wanted was out of stock. Let’s get one in Dubai I suggested! When I got here I was given one at work. Nothing fancy but it did the job. In all my talks of I need a laptop I guess it was just something that never happened because I made do without a new one. During my trip home this summer though, I met an old friend again. Yes, you guessed it. The Advent!

Whilst browsing Netflix one night with my sister, my youngest brother whipped the laptop in question out and announced that he had wiped everything off it and downloaded the latest Windows on to it and that it was ‘pretty decent’. Yes, it still weighed a tonne but it was so fast?! Faster than when I had first even bought the damn thing?! I was so touched by Farhan’s gesture but he soon put me in my place by telling me that he had only done this so he could download ‘shit’ (his words, not mine) on to my laptop and not worry about getting viruses on to his state of the art one. UH HUH. I couldn’t help but laugh. Here I was rejecting this poor old thing and leaving it in a corner in my room while I jetted off to Dubai and the laptop that saw me through university for four years was still coming into use for someone at least. I started to feel really bad (I’m really emotional like that) and said to Farhan that I would be taking the laptop back to Dubai with me because I’d been meaning to buy one anyway and this was as good as new.

So, here I am on this warm Dubai night typing on my extremely heavy laptop beaming with pride. I am proud of the fact that I bought this thing with my own hard earned cash at a time when perhaps I didn’t even know the value of money. Fair enough you have to keep the charger plugged in at the socket at all times otherwise it switches off (thus defeating the purpose of a laptop) but I’m okay with that.

Here he is, the bad boy.Why I have chosen to write almost 800 words on my laptop saga, I will never know. But there’s a lesson in there somewhere. Why are we so quick to give up on things? Why do we want to get rid of things instead of wanting to fix them? I guess this is what we do with our relationships and friendships too. We don’t value what we have in front of us, forever wanting to move on to the next best thing, the thing or he/she who will benefit us most. We take people for granted. Our siblings, our partners and most of all, our parents. Sometimes our parents aren’t relevant anymore. Their lives don’t match ours and their beliefs and ideas seem too old fashioned. We want to move with the times so sometimes we leave our parents behind and don’t look back enough to see that one day in the not so near future that will be us.

Here’s me too looking uber glam !

I guess what I’m trying to say is; appreciate your loved ones. Don’t be in such a rush to move on in life that you waste the time that you do have with them.

My loved ones must be reading this thinking; she has actually lost her marbles now and maybe that writer’s block was a good thing. But, you know what? My writer’s block has officially gone. YASSSS.

I’m going to give you some more snippets from my trip home with words and pictures in the next few posts. For now here’s an outfit from a while back all bought from Forever 21 from Dubai Mall from their Ramadan Collection.How gorgeous is that skirt? I love the colour lemon and thought the birds on it were super cute. I love how affordable everything in Forever 21 Middle East is with this entire outfit costing less than 300AED head to toe. Score!What do you girls think?I kept my makeup super bronze and matte on this day to not melt in the sun!Please update me on what you all have been up to. I hope that I will be more consistent with my posts now that I am back to regular life here in Dubai. Look out for my next few style posts that I shot in beautiful Scotland!

Love after so long,

Miss Mulberry