Typo Ramadan Collection

I am obsessed with stationary and home décor. I would go as far as saying I would choose these things over shoes now. How times have changed. So, you can imagine what happens to me whenever I go into a Typo store– I die for their stuff! There are not many shops like it in Dubai so it’s my go to when I need quirky cards and one of a kind wee bits for gifts.Typo was born in 2009 and although it started off as a stationary brand they now offer so much more in their stores in the way of homeware, decorative items and DIY crafts. What I found especially cool is that although there are 145 Typo stores in 10 different countries, the stores in Dubai currently have a Ramadan collection to fit in with local customs and culture. I think for an international brand that is pretty cool. I went to check out the collection in Box Park which I have been into a few times and ended up doing a mini haul so I thought I would share it all in today’s post! By the way, that’s the store where I went and smacked my head into the glass wall in THAT snapchat video if you follow me on there. There are three other Typo stores including one in Dubai Mall but the Box Park one is my favourite! If you walk into the Typo store this month they have a huge Ramadan collection display as soon as you walk in. It mainly consisted of lights and other cute bits!The items that I chose. I absolutely loved the typography light the moment I saw it.You can change the letters to whatever you want so we have been doing a countdown of the days of Ramadan. It is battery operated meaning no messy plugs or anything which serves my OCD quite nicely. I’m obsessed with rose gold so the metal light I picked looks super cool hanging next to our chalkboard.I also picked up the rose gold metal alarm clock to stop husband and me from sleeping in for suhoor. That happened in the first few days of this Ramadan and I am telling you, those fasts were killer! The chalk board is literally my favourite thing in our apartment right now because I can get creative and write cute things on it daily. My husband just rolls his eyes at me while I sit their doing swirly writing and spending ages on writing stuff that will get rubbed out the next day. I think it’s a cute thing to have in your home because human beings have stopped personalising messages thanks to these blooming phones we carry. When was the last time someone wrote you a letter? I love the old fashioned way of leaving someone a note and I literally used to leave notes here, there and everywhere so the chalkboard has solved the problem of post it notes lying all over the place.But, I still do love writing on paper so yay for these cute notepads!   Lastly, I got the quirky portable battery chargers for my phone and they are actually pretty good whilst looking pretty too! A lot of the battery chargers out there are like bricks and weigh so much but I chose these because of the fact that they were lightweight. My phone battery is always running low (surprise surprise) so these are a God send AND they look good. Win win!

Hope you guys enjoyed looking at all the bits that I got in my mini Typo haul! You can pick up the same in Typo in Dubai and they actually have a new store opening up in Abu Dhabi at Marina Mall on the 1st of July making it the 5th Typo in the UAE! There is such a lack good stationary shops out here in the Middle East that I think Typo is only going to get bigger and better.

I for one can’t wait.


Stationary Addict (also known as Miss Mulberry)


Forever 21 Casj and Glam!

I can’t believe we are on day 13 of Ramadan already? We say this every year but the time is literally FLYING by. The best part of fasting out here has to be opening our apartment balcony doors and just waiting for the Adhan (Islamic call for prayer) just before Iftaar time at sunset to come from our local mosque. It is the most lovely feeling every breaking fast together in our new home, albeit, a little bitter sweet being on our own without any family with us. After all Ramadan is all about family right? I have to admit, Ramadan has been far less challenging out here than in comparison to the UK thanks to the shorter working hours and sorter day in general. We have been breaking fast around 7pm most days whilst my family in Scotland do the same around 10pm. I remember those 20 hour fasts well so appreciate being out here in the Middle East at the moment.  

I know I haven’t really been posting much on style at the moment but here’s something I put together a few weeks ago for Forever21 Middle East. I put together two completely different looks from their current collection in stores now!

Outfit Number 1     Everything but the shoes are from Forever 21 Middle East. I got these at the Dubai Mall branch because it’s their biggest store out here. They had such a huge range that I was spoilt for choice. I loved this lavender colour t-shirt and paired it with these super comfy high waisted denim material trousers.   

Loved this lace choker and lemon nails combo!

Outfit Number 2 
I thought I would put together something completely different because Forever 21 do have a lot of glam stuff in but I would normally associate it with the casual. This outfit was one of many that I put together in the fitting rooms but in the end went for this because of the 70s chick vibe. How awesome are those sleeves?!  I added the hat as a wee extra touch. I see me using this throughout the summer.  

Watch by Larson & Jennings


Stacked necklaces by Forever 21

Pop into Forever 21 next time you’re out for a high street brand that is actually affordable in Dubai and you won’t end up bankrupt after buying a couple of outfits.
Now, the question is – which one would you rock? Comment below and let me know!Love,


Miss Mulberry