Mustard Mania!

I love mixing printed trousers with a bright coloured top. It just screams SUMMER. Today’s outfit is all printed trousers and bright top. Hello all.  
 Top – Forever 21

Trousers – Zara

Shoes – Aldo

Choker and Rings – Aldo Accessories

Sunglasses – Forever 21

(All items purchased in Dubai stores)

 I based this entire outfit around these shoes I picked up in Aldo because I am obsessed with mustard at the moment. Also loving khaki but can’t seem to find the right khaki outfit anywhere. SOBS. Anyway, these shoes were so cute and super comfortable so win win! I went looking for a mustard top and picked this one up in Forever 21 for 29 AED. They have them in so many colours and perfect wee crop tops for summer. I picked up one in white also! When accessorising I picked out this tribal vibe choker.Chokers are so on trend right now thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid rocking them but this is one trend I quite like. Reminds me of the 90s. I had so many back then and thought I was cool as a cucumber walking around with them on whilst my mum rolled her eyes. I think this is one trend that will just keep coming back again and again!I have been looking for some kind of choker top/dress but so far haven’t come across anything in Dubai. If you guys see something nice anywhere in Dubai then let me know!Hope everyone has a super weekend.

Husband and I are going to watch SARBJIT tonight which is based on a true story about an Indian farmer working on the India/Pakistan border who strays into the neighbouring country without realising. He is mistaken to be an Indian spy and is arrested and jailed. The film is about her sister trying to get him freed and back to his home country. Randeep Hooda is playing the role of Sarbjit and the sister is played by Aishwariya Rai. This is the film Aishwariya was promoting in Cannes last week! I actually read about this story years ago and cried just reading about it so had absolutely no intention of watching it and sobbing on a Thursday night but Atteeq has insisted we watch it. He NEVER insists on anything so sobbing at the cinema it is tonight! 

Posting lots of content this weekend so watch this space. Remember to follow my blog if you don’t already and you will be notified every time I post. Or don’t. Whatever you fancy. Follow it.Love,

Miss Mulberry 


Emirati Style Abaya Look 

I’m having one of those days today where everything is making me tear up. Earlier on I was singing a random song and actually made MYSELF cry because the lyrics were sad. What on earth. I’m just looking for any excuse to burst into tears?! By the grace of Allah, everything in my life is more than great right now. I couldn’t be happier. So, why the reason for the constant lump in my throat today? Just me being a woman. Makes sense.

I’m going to be writing a lot more even if I don’t have new content to post. Even if it’s just one picture, I’m going to write posts here because I miss you guys sending me long emails about how you’re going through the same thing or that my post made you cry. Enough with the crying chat for heavens sake! 

Today’s post is all about an outfit that I styled based around Emirati fashion and style. This is the second outfit of its kind I have put together so hope you like!      

Abaya – Naïf Market (Deira)

Shoes – Carvela 

Trousers – Zara

Sunglasses – Centrepoint 

I picked this gorgeous abaya up in Deira for 140AED would you believe?! Obviously I haggled a lot but considering the good quality material and gorgeous pearl detail on it I was pleased to pick this up for under £30! 

I often see Emirati girls wearing their abayas open or even half open with smart trousers under and it looks so good! Honestly, there is something so elegant about abayas that I don’t think there is another national dress that makes you look so good!    Traditionally abayas were black but now there are such amazing ones out there that you will be spoilt for choice. I know that this isn’t necessarily the case in the UK because my mum often struggled to find pastel coloured abayas. With summer heating up I plan on getting a few more colours because they are the easiest thing to throw on and don’t take much styling!   For those days when you do want to add a touch of glamour, just add a smoked out eye with your contoured face and Baba Pervez is your uncle!

I think the next thing I am going to do is have a few abayas tailored to my size but also in a style of my own choice. Till then I will just experiment with ready made ones that are cheap as chips and make me feel uber glam!



Miss Mulberry 


GOSSIP Café and Desserts 

Today’s post is about one of the coolest hangouts I’ve been to in Dubai recently. You’re going to love this one girlies.

Gossip Café and Desserts is a stylish café located in Box Park serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Atteeq and I went for lunch recently and fell in love with the décor as well as the food. Okay, I fell in love with the décor and cooed in delight at the grey and pale pink hues everywhere. I was wowed by the attention to detail that has been paid to every inch of the place! Gossip has been well thought out and put together with style leaving fashion lovers like me hooked from the onset.

In case you’re wondering, the husband mmm’d and aaah’d at the food. Of course. I think you would be shocked if I told you Atteeq started melting as he saw the plush chairs we parked our bottoms on to.           

What I loved about this place was how unique it was. Dubai is filled with chain restaurants/cafés from the West and most of what you get is all stuff you’ve seen before. This café has a very American/European feel to it but with an Emirati twist. Gossip is an Emirati brand and this excites me because most of the places I usually go to here are franchises which come from the West. Not Gossip though. The brand was founded by Dr Shayma Nawaf Fawwaz who says that her heritage is very important to her. Thus, the cuisine at Gossip takes a fresh take on Euro-American dishes with an Emirati inspired twist. This can be seen throughout the menu with Emirati flavours such as saffron, rahash and halwah infused desserts.  

I love it when I do my research on places and find out that a brand that looks amazing is run by a successful, young woman. Who run the world?!


Take a second to read this. I know some of you girls struggle to find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning so here’s an inspirational woman if you ever need one!

The desserts at Gossip are just absolutely gorgeous! 

The signature from their A’la Carte menu has to be THE ULTIMATE DESSERT but by the time we came to desserts I had eaten so much I had to pass on the royal surprise!        

Cheesecake in a jar – could they be any cuter?!

Okay, let me show you guys what we had to eat and drink before I burst!   
To start I had the Tomato and Basil Soup which was TO DIE FOR, no word of a life. My husband on the other hand decided to order a version of French Toast called ‘Black and White Edition’ which was more of a dessert than a starter and then proceeded to inform me he was going to burst for the remainder of the day. But he said it was amazing. Just don’t order it as a starter like him. #sighs 

We even got a Flat Bread to share from the ‘Light Bites’ section – it was super filling for light bites!


Yum Yum Yum


Dill Salmon for me


Harissa Chicken for the husband!

A USP of Gossip is that it serves dishes that are made from the highest quality of fresh, natural and organic ingredients. This couldn’t have been advocated more through our choices for mains. The quality of the food was second to none and if you care about presentation like I do then give Gossip a try for sure. 

Not only did we enjoy the food but the service was amazing. I was so impressed by the lady serving us that I asked her if I could take a picture of her and give her a wee mention in my post. She giggled and said that she wasn’t prepared but I snapped away anyway. Thank you Resiela for hosting us so well! The woman is so good at her job, she convinced me to eat a lot more than I had intended on this day.  I was so full and genuinely had no room for dessert but lovely Resiela reminded me that I thought the cheesecake in a jar idea was cute so I should try one of them. I didn’t need much convincing! I went for strawberry and it was actually heaven! These are a must try when you go in! 

To conclude? The overall vibe and atmosphere of Gossip was just uber cool and trendy. You will find everyone from locals to ex pats to people on their lonesome just wanting a quiet drink as they watch the world go by. Oh and did I say Royals? Yep, HH Sheikh Mohammed has dined there! I think it’s going to be my new place I take all my girlfriends to when they visit from the UK. Where I come from in Scotland, we don’t have fashion conscious cafés so what an absolute treat! I might just take Atteeq along next time too so he can order a mountain of French Toast whilst I take pictures of anything and everything in the place.

Right, it’s taken me a while to get to the outfit today eh? Since Gossip is an Emirati brand I decided to wear the Emirati National Dress on this little lunch date. But, I shall save the outfit details for my next post.

Oh alright, I’ll give you a peak then!You know you love me.XOXO GOSSIP GIRL

Just kidding, it’s still me, Miss Mulberry.



Summer Style Inspo 2016 – The first of many!

There is nothing I used to enjoy more in good old Scotland than waiting for summer days. Or should I say DAY. I saw a meme on Facebook recently that said something like summer in Scotland fell on a Wednesday last year. I chuckled at this because it’s true, we genuinely usually do get like one day of lovely weather and then it’s back to golf ball hailstones the very next day.

So, for someone who comes from such humble weather beginnings, imagine her delight when summer is no longer a season but indeed a way of life?! I’m sure I’m not the only UK ex-pat who still wakes up eight months after moving here to be amazed by the fact that the sun is shining. It is such an absolute treat to have the sun shining every day that it’s weird putting together a ‘summer look’ for you all. But, it’s REALLY heating up in the UAE right now and I know my followers from around the world will be looking for summer style inspo so I’m going to start bringing you it over the next few weeks. It was around 40 degrees this weekend in Dubai and soon enough it will be FAR too warm to shoot any street style outdoors so enjoy this while it lasts!

Has anyone been to Zara lately? I went to the one in Mall of the Emirates at the moment and they have such gorgeous stuff in right now! Like, I literally want it all. There’s some stuff that’s a bit dodgy like those Gucci inspired silk bomber jackets but I’m loving all the nautical themed stuff. They have so many stripes and blue and white going on that it just makes you feel summer ready!

Today’s look is one that was put together around this Zara outfit that just hit their stores right now in the UAE.   Top and trousers – Zara

Shoes – Next

Bag – Mango Touch (bargain from Mall of the Emirates)

Necklace – Miss Selfridge

Sunglasses Centrepoint

I’m sure you all know I love a bow and these big bow trousers just stood out to me straight away. They are SO comfortable and perfect for the 40 degrees heat we had in Dubai this weekend. They have quite a few different styles in this light material in Zara at the moment that I think I will be back to pick up some more.  I decided to go for a bright lip because I love mixing pastels with bright colours (in small doses) and I think it went well!I also wore some mink lashes that were sent to me. How cool are they?!  These are called ‘Fawn’ and are by Mink & Co ( They made me look so glamorous but were an absolute nightmare to get on because I literally don’t know how to apply lashes. In the end it was my husband who ended applying them for me since I had a bit of a hairy canary and started wailing in the bathroom with Huda Beauty lash glue all over my face… Hope you liked this outfit and will recreate your own version of it! Pop into Zara, you’re going to love all their new stuff. Send me your summer outfit pictures by using #missmulberrystyleinspo – I can’t wait to see them and will repost the best ones!


Miss Mulberry