Emporio Armani Caffé

Recently, Atteeq and I went to check out the Emporio Armani Caffé at the Mall of the Emirates (we like live there) and thought we would share the experience with you. Well, when I see ‘we’ I mean me. Atteeq is currently lounging on the sofa and it’s me who is doing all the writing and editing!

We went for lunch one Saturday afternoon and would definitely go again because the food and service were both amazing! Our favourite part of the day were the mocktails.
 I had a Virgin Mojito which is what I always order but Atteeq had a Passion Spritzer and said it was the best mocktail he had ever had. Quite the compliment since we are always trying new mocktails in Dubai. To start, we had the Focaccia and Friturra Mista – mixed fried prawns and calamari with vegetable tempura.    I’m going to give you the English names for the all the dishes since my Italian is about as good as my maths.


Atteeq’s Main – Grilled Chicken with Sautéed Potato and Sage and Gravy Sauce. This was Atteeq’s cheat day but still he ended up getting something with his beloved protein in there of course. My main – Cannelloni with a filling of Aubergines, smoked Provola cheese, black Olives, Tomato and Basil. I never try new things but the restaurant manager Hassen recommended the dish with confidence and said I would love it. He was more than right and it made a nice change from my usual Penne Arrabiata.Right, let’s move on to desserts. My favourite part of this lunch!

The people close to me know that I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and would always choose something savoury over sweet. But on this day I tried a dessert that sounded so good I had to try it. Honest ladies, it was AMAZING. I would recommend going to the Armani Café just for this dessert alone.

Vanilla Parfait, Amaretto Biscuits and Ricotta Stuffed Puff Pastry in Berry Coulis.   It just tasted so fresh, cooling and not too much at all after starters and a main. I hate having desserts because I literally get full after one bite and can never finish them but I managed to finish this and wanted more. Score! Yay. That rhymed.

Wee side story: Whenever I used to go out for dinner with friends and my sister (she LOVES desserts) I would suggest sharing a dessert and she would get so angry at me and say; “STOP MAKING ME FEEL LIKE A FAT COW IN FRONT OF PEOPLE BY PUTTING ME ON THE SPOT – NO I DO NOT WANT TO SHARE A DESSERT!” So, now when my husband asks if I want to get dessert I just end up saying no and don’t dare suggest that we share one in case I get shot down by him too. Poor guy ends up with no dessert. What would you rather? SOME dessert? Or none? I’ll leave you to ponder this one for a wee while. Atteeq had Mixed Wild Berries and Cream Tart with red Fruit Sorbet. His dessert was a bit too rich and although he enjoyed it, he much preferred mine. I let him have a wee swatch!

Verdict: Pop round to the Armani Caffé at Mall of the Emirates for lunch if you’re in Dubai for the mocktails and desserts, if not anything else!

Let’s do a quick outfit of the day for this day!

Blouse – eBay

Trousers – Zara

Bag – Charles & Keith

Shoes – New Look   How absolutely stunning is that bag?! Charlies & Keith is literally my favourite shop for bags in Dubai. I fell in love with this one the moment I saw it.The moment my mum saw it when I went to visit home, her exact words to me were; “That looks like a doctor’s bag”. Think that’s the closest my parents will ever see me look anything remotely close to a doctor in this lifetime. HAH! 

Yes, my parents wanted me to become a doctor. Of course they did, I’m Asian.


Miss Mulberry




a r t b a r at The Nail Spa aka TNS

Hey girlies,

Okay so I feel like I was away on holiday having a ball and completely neglected my child whilst I was away. Kind of what happened but the child was my blog. I was away to the UK for two weeks and have literally been battling the worst jet lag/fatigue since I came back but think I am finally over it and ready to write again! That’s the thing with blogging, you have to be inspired to write? When you are feeling like a rotten potato then writing is the last thing you want to do and I never want to write half-hearted articles. That would be dumb.

The day I was flying out to the UK a few weeks ago I went to get my nails done at a new place and I thought I would share my experience with you all today because it was THAT cool! I went to The Nail Spa (TNS) on Jumeirah Road specifically to visit their a r t b a r. TNS has ten beautiful spas spread across Dubai and Abu Dhabi but the Jumeirah Road branch is their newest location! It’s opposite the Dubai London Speciality Clinic and just down the road from Jumeirah Beach Hotel. This new flagship location houses the a r t b a r which is the first of its kind for TNS. It is an innovative lab for nail design, something that TNS have been doing for years but now on a much bigger scale. From the moment I walked in I just loved the place! I will let the pictures do the talking.    a r t b a r has three dedicated nail artists who are highly trained to help you express your own personal style by choosing from a range of jewels and art. When I arrived I chose my base colour from a wide selection of OPI polishes. They also had an entire wall of Essie colours as well as Bio Sculpture (more on this later).  Because of the fact that I had a flight to catch I decided to just keep my own nails (they were a decent size and shape!) rather than get acrylic extension as this would have taken a few hours.

The next step was the most fun and creative! I was shown a variety of nail art and was amazed by the range of art that could be created.Gone are the days of adding a wee gem on to a nail after having your nails done. Now, you can have a highly skilled and trained artist draw Drake’s face on your nails. Or why not something inspired by Michelangelo? The nails on offer are not only stylish, cutting edge and extremely pretty but they also allow you to be creative and have a little fun with your manicure! Because I was heading to the UK for my cousins wedding I had to opt for something a little subdued. I don’t quite think a Keffiyeh wearing Arab male would have been quite appropriate on my nails. Yes, this is also an option. How cool?!

There are various types of nail art designs and the more advanced they get the more time you will need for your appointment. When you call up, the person booking you in will be able to guide you in regards to how much time you would require.  What I found so interesting was the fact that a lot of the different collections are inspired by different runway collections from Fashion Weeks around the world.  






So, the style of your nails will be inspired by a designer’s particular collection. My personal favourite was the Burberry inspired design.

I even saw some designs for the Meydan World Cup! The a r t b a r is constantly changing designs to fit in with popular culture and events going on around the world or more locally in the UAE. This was clear to see as I was being shown hundreds of designs with all different shapes and sizes.

At one point I did feel a little overwhelmed as to what to choose because the options were endless. I am such a decisive person when it comes to personal style that I never have to think twice about what would suit me but on this day I was genuinely unsure. However, the kind ladies at a r t b a r were so patient and more than helpful. They suggested that the best thing to do is to choose some favourites, get the base done and then decide on which particular design you want to go for when this is done.
Here were my choices.Whilst speaking with Sehr, the Creative Director of the brand I found out that the nail technicians have been on several courses learning about the different fashion collections that they then emulate on to client’s nails. In addition to this ALL the nail technicians have had training to ensure that they are able to produce the best possible nail art for TNS clients. This came as no surprise because just by looking around the place you get a feel for a business that is extremely professional and everyone is highly trained. There was such a calm atmosphere in the nail spa despite the place being full of women being pampered. What more could a girl want after a long week at work?

The final result.        My nails looked absolutely fabulous!

One of the neatest manicures I have ever had and it lasted almost two full weeks for the duration of my UK trip. No shellac, no gel. Needless to say I was super impressed. This was the first time I ever went for round nails as I like a square shape but the girls at a r t b a r told me that this shape is very ‘in’ at the moment and I think they might have just converted me! I forgot to mention, when you go in you also get to choose the shape of your nails.  I thought it was just square or round but there are a variety of shapes you can go for now! Clearly, I’m just a nails newbie.Some other cute things that a r t b a r provide for their clients.

A bride collection – they have specific designs just for brides and do all sorts of gorgeous personalised stuff for you!

Collection of the month – as far as I am aware this is available at all TNS branches and not just the Jumeirah branch which houses the a r t b a r. This changes on a monthly basis!

Bio Sculpture Gel – This is something that I am very interested in trying after hearing all about it at the a r t b a r. Bio Sculpture Gel is a one-step system that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. It is applied onto a natural nail, tip or gel extension. Bio Sculpture Gel cures under a UV light, leaving the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy or high shine finish. Colour gel looks and applies like nail polish but gives incredible strength. The colour gel will last for weeks without fading, chipping or wearing away at the free edge. I have used shellac previously and hated how weak it left my nails feeling once I had it removed. Bio sculpture actually strengthens your nails so I’m going to head in to have this done very soon. I will show you guys when I have it done!

Little Ladies – Special nail care services for little ladies aged 6-12 years. Mums and daughters can also enjoy a 15 Dhs saving on combined treatments of 200 Dhs or more. How cute?! If only my nieces weren’t thousands of miles away, they would LOVE this kind of thing.

My advice would be to check out the TNS website to see the wide range of services that they offer. There’s so much on offer you will be spoilt for choice. The service I received was second to none and honestly speaking the experience was very different to nail spa experiences I have ever had both in the UK as well as Dubai. I would rate the a r t b a r 10/10 and would recommend checking out the Jumeirah Road branch of TNS. If you are here on holiday then even more so because it literally is the perfect place for a group of girlies to relax and feel pampered!





Let me know if you visit the a r t b a r and tag me in your pictures as always!


Miss Mulberry