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I have been hearing these words every 3 seconds for the last hour. WHEN will this cricket ever end? First it was the Asia Cup, now it’s the World Cup. In between all of this there has been the cricket tournament my husband has been playing in so I hear about that also. Now, cricket is probably one of the only sports I actually understand and genuinely enjoy but if I hear Ramiz Raja’s voice ONEEEEEEEEE more time in my living room, I will scream.
I swear the only time I write now is when I’ve had enough of listening to cricket commentary.

Right, spring is finally upon us and today I’m bringing you a very floral post from Miracle Gardens Dubai.  We went there a few weeks ago and it was so much more than what I expected it to be! I had been wanting to check out Miracle Gardens for ages and since I wanted to shoot my outfit anyway I suggested going to Miracle Gardens since it would probably be quiet. Wrong move. The place was HEAVING. Keep that in mind when you go but at 30AED a pop, it’s a pretty good day out. Yes, the casts of thousands ruined my style pictures but Miracle Gardens is absolutely beautiful. I will let the pictures do the talking.    

Cousin It


Note: tribes of humans behind me.

Outfit details:

Top and Jeans H&M

Shoes – River Island

Bag – Charles & Keith

Sunglasses – CentrePoint

You can’t really go wrong with an all-black look with a pop of colour can you? I fell in love with these orange shoes the moment I saw them and love pairing them up with black! 

 A wee aside: if you go to Miracle Gardens with your other half, make sure you get a picture at these 60ft floral hearts.  Beware though, there are queues of people trying to get their money shot at these things. There’s a few of them around the gardens but the best ones are the ones facing the sun of course since they will result in the best pictures. Wee tip though – you just need to kind of weasel your way in (dragging your other half by the sleeve) and smile until you’re happy with your pictures. Yes, others will be tutting around you and do whatever they can to shoo you off but you deserve that spot just as much as the other gal with the Canon round her neck. So, stand your ground, get your photo and then put it in a frame to sit on the mantelpiece till the rest of your days. 

Us and Uncle Tariq


Yes but my eyes are closed in this one.


Oh lovely! But where are my shoes?




Eventually someone will just come and stand there till you move…

 P.S. Offer to take pictures for other love struck couples around you too. I did and practically had a wee queue of customers lined up while Atteeq rolled his eyes at me. Good karma. I am telling you, that delighted Lebanese couple who had their current phone display picture taken by me will bring me some good news one day. Or maybe, someone else might just offer to take a picture of me and my husband one day. A girl can live in hope.

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My Little Pleasures UAE

Having come from the UK and spending half my earnings on STUFF because of the cuteness factor that surrounded it, I’d say I’m a marketers dream. Glossybox, Birchbox, you name it – I have tried them all! I love trying new products and monthly subscription boxes are just right up my street. I know most of you girls who have these subscriptions love opening the door to a little pick me up each month, a little treat for yourself just for being you. Having been in Dubai for 6 months now I hadn’t come across any kind of monthly subscription boxes until recently. I was contacted by a new company who have just launched their subscription box business and wanted me to check out their very first box. My Little Pleasures is a UAE based company that offers a subscription box service that includes accessories, beauty and lifestyle products. Upon receiving the box, the first thing I noticed was actually the beautiful box. What makes this monthly box different from others that you may have seen before is the fact that each month there will be a different theme and each box will look different than the previous rather than a bog standard box. Definitely a good idea because I LOVED the art work on the first box titled ‘New Beginning’s. A fitting theme for the launch box and the illustrations on the box carry through to the information booklet that comes inside as well as one of the products that will be included too. First impressions; 10/10.

So what’s inside?     I will be honest, I was not expecting too much from the box since I have seen so many of these done before in the West and sometimes they are amazing and sometimes not so much. However, as far as I know this is the first of its kind here in Dubai and I was pleasantly surprised by the range of products that came inside the box. If the company can keep up this calibre of products each month then I think they are on to a winner!

Product 1 – Foot Cream by Petra CosmeticsYou may have seen Petra Cosmetics being sold at a number of outlet stands in various malls around Dubai. Petra is a UAE brand and this is the first product of theirs that I have tried. Honestly, it would be worth paying for the box just for this product alone. It is AMAZING. My feet are actually hideous right now. Constant walking in the sun in flip flops has resulted in dodgy tan lines and calloused heels. I have used the cream a handful of times and my heels are as soft as a baby’s bottom. Seriously. The cream is made with all natural ingredients and minerals from the Dead Sea which may explain why it is so effective. I’m going to be taking one of these for my mum because I think she will love it. That’s what I love about subscription boxes – I probably never would have tried Petra because I’d never even heard of them but now that I have tried one product I would definitely want to try more. Score!

Product 2 – OPI Nail Lacquer ‘DO YOU TAKE LEI AWAY’ Now, you guys all know how much I love beauty, fashion and accessories but honestly speaking my nails don’t really ever get much attention. I’m not one for regular manicures and pedicures and the reason for that is simple. It’s the hassle that comes with removing the nail polish for prayers and I find that when I have my nails done I automatically have an excuse to not pray because I can’t be bothered removing it and redoing them again so in recent years I’ve just kind of stopped doing my nails. Regularly that is. Here and there I still make them look pretty! I’m sure you all know that OPI is as good as it gets in the nail varnish market and I have fallen in love with this colour. I got so many compliments on the colour! The polish is super chip resistant and comes on so thick even with one coat. I am daft for nude nails so ask your manicurist for this colour the next time you are in getting your nails done, you’re going to love it!

Product 3 – One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser You all know that Clarins products aren’t cheap. I know because my Bari Ammi has been a loyal Clarins user since the beginning of time and every product they have ever made sits on her dresser. I’ve had a scoosh or two of her fancy creams whenever I used to go and stay over! This cleanser polishes away make-up, dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling moisturised. Handy for someone like me who half the time doesn’t even want to remove her make-up at night.

Product 4 – Gold Bow Bun Pin by Kitsch A cute wee bun pin from Kitsch who create hair accessories, jewellery and temporary tattoos. You can buy their products at Virgin Megastores in the UAE or check out http://www.mykitsch.com

Product 5 – My Little Chronicle 2016     This was probably my favourite out of all the products that came in the box! It is a diary filled with inspiring quotes, beautiful water coloured illustrations and even stickers! You know how much I love stickers. I am absolutely DAFT for stationery and would love to own a stationery shop one day. I could probably stock one up just from all the stationery that I own. I have endless diaries but this one is just so cute, dainty and fits into my handbag. I have been using this one for all my blog notes. Thanks My Little Pleasures 🙂

There was also another small product included within the box!Overall, I was really impressed by the concept of My Little Pleasures and think this subscription box will work very well in the UAE. Excited to see what they have in store for their second box.

If you want to subscribe check out http://www.mylittlepleasures.com or you can check out their Instagram page: @ mylittlepleasures_uae.


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Bab Al Yam, Burj Al Arab

It’s raining. I mean really raining. Not a sight you see very often in Dubai. As the world and its gran knows, Dubai is a place of extremes. You have the world’s tallest building here. The world’s worst traffic here. You have more glamour than anywhere else here and you have temperatures that soar to the 50’s. So when it rains in Dubai, of course it POURS.

After a lot of drama, above ankle water and me carrying 18 kilos of paper work home from work, I finally arrived back to our apartment an hour earlier than work would usually finish. Thank heavens for always having a pair of flip flops with me here. Lots of places had to shut down today because there is virtually no drainage system for rain water here in Dubai so roads get pretty flooded/dangerous very quickly. Thus, I am settled amongst my cosy, fleeced blanket with a view of the tallest building in the world feeling inspired to write. It’s not every day you get sent home from work.

Today’s post is one that I have been meaning to write for a while but just haven’t gone round to it because I felt each time I tried to write it I just wasn’t doing the experience that I wanted to share any justice. Does that make sense? It does to me. But today this crazy weather has got me feeling pumped and I have already managed to write two new posts that will be coming up over the weekend. I’m on a roll here. Long may it last!

Okay, so last month I was invited to come and experience Bab Al Yam restaurant at the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. Burj Al Arab needs no introduction but let me begin by telling you a little about Bab Al Yam! The restaurant was completely redesigned and relaunched in December. This was my first time there so I didn’t know what to expect but I genuinely was blown away! You all know I am no food critic and I seem to run out of synonyms when it comes to describing food but the entire experience was probably one of the best we have had in Dubai so far. Let me begin with first impressions.

The indoor part of the restaurant boasts floor-to-ceiling sea views which are simply stunning but when you step outside your jaw will drop. Mine was practically on the floor and our kind server Jomin kind of had to scoop it back up for me. More on Jomin later! When we got outside however, my jaw flew into the Arabian Gulf and swam over to the Burj Khalifa somewhere. The views you get are stunning beyond words. For that reason we chose to sit outside within the spacious terrace which is covered with plush lounging areas where you can sit and have shisha and there is a huge swimming pool there also. Might I add that we chose to go to Bab Al Yam during my husband’s birthday weekend so was delighted that we went when we did!  I can’t recommend going there enough for a special occasion because although we went as guests, I genuinely did feel that you get a lot for what you pay for and the price is more than worth it. Okay, so here’s how it works! The bistro chic restaurant offers European cuisine buffet-style and à la carte, influenced by Middle Eastern flavours. The USP of Bab Al Yam is the fresh, local produce that they use and their ‘farm to fork’ philosophy. Now, I’ll be the first to admit – coming from the UK I’m not the biggest fan of buffets. But I tell you what. Nobody does a buffet like the good folks of Dubai. Buffets here are absolutely CRAZY. The buffet at Bab Al Yam didn’t even feel like a buffet because a) they had live cooking stations in various areas of the restaurant and b) everything that we ate was so fresh and constantly being updated.  So, you eat all you want for lunch, sit amidst the most divine shoreline featuring the Arabian Gulf on one side and Downtown Dubai on the other all for 350AED per person. Yes that’s about £65 per person but definitely worth if you are dining in a restaurant within a 7 star hotel. Those of you who live in Dubai will know that by Dubai prices that really is quite reasonable. For dinner I think the price is slightly higher! Lunch is served between12.30-15.30. I personally would go during the day so you can see that beautiful view and of course, err, for photos?Now that’s the nitty gritty stuff over let’s talk FOOD! I think I ate so much that day my jeans button nearly popped open and flew into the sea. Okay, I tell a lie but you catch my drift. Actually hold on. I was the one taking notes in between eating everything for the sake of this post. Atteeq was the one who went absolutely wild. But, he was the birthday boy so of course he did. The first time we went round the buffet he waited patiently whilst I was carefully looking at each and every dish, taking notes and clicking away on my camera. After the first round he just gave up and went back and forth because I was just being too slow for him.The food really is of a very high standard and one would expect nothing less of a restaurant within the Burj Al Arab. Everything was just so flavoursome and I got to try so many new dishes! One of my favourite dishes were the tiger prawns freshly made for us by one of the chefs. I just stood there like a creep watching her cook them, as you do. Atteeq was particularly happy with the section where the chefs had various types of chicken breast ready to be cooked for you fresh. He is obsessed with protein. Meanwhile I’m just a carb.      There are a variety of stations situated around the restaurant such as salads, sea food, Italian, Indian and of course Arabic. I tried an Arabic dish called Moghrabia and it was so good! That’s the one thing I like about buffets – you always end up trying something you would be too scared to choose off a menu. There was a huge variety of food to choose from so the lunch buffet is definitely worth trying.           Do not even get me started on the deserts! The ice cream/sorbet section was super refreshing to end the meal but since I’m not much of a deserts girl, I tried apple sorbet. Yum! Atteeq had carrot cake (imagine having a cake made out of a vegetable for heaven’s sake) and tried the chocolate tap. Yes, they had a chocolate tap. Our server Jomin told us about how the chocolate was one of a kind in Dubai and no other restaurant/hotel had it because of the fact that no oil was used to make it. Now, I’m no chocolate connoisseur but it sure did taste like no other chocolate I’ve ever had before so I will take his word for it!

Okay, I did promise you Jomin didn’t I? Och, he was just the sweetest guy who served us for the whole two hours we were there. The service was impeccable. Now, I know you may think; well you were invited so of course the service was impeccable but I had my beady wee eye out and EVERYONE was being treated like royals. The staff simply couldn’t do enough for you and our server Jomin went above and beyond. Atteeq said that he stayed behind an extra hour after his shift just so he could finish serving us. Now, if that isn’t a man who loves his job, I don’t know what is. A special thank you to Jomin and the rest of the team for making us feel so welcome that day, for being so knowledgeable and just for the chat! You know how I just love the chat.

Our experience at Bab Al Yam was just lovely and when I am invited to places I always think to myself, would I come here again and pay for the same service? The answer is definitely yes. I already want my sister to come to Dubai again so I can take her. I don’t think she would even eat though, she would literally just stand and take pictures. Speaking of pictures…

I apologise in advance. There’s about 9 million pictures of my outfit coming up.

Since we were in such a gorgeous location, of course I had to shoot a look for you girls. I really loved this look and hope you girls do too because it was so easy to put together and you all could too!  Jeans – Forever 21

Top – Zara

Sunglasses – Aldo Accessories

Bag – H&M

Shoes – Steve Madden

Watch – Daniel Wellington      There’s that bag from my previous post. Seriously, the best buy EVER. Can’t believe I only paid 70AED for it. My sister said I’ve to bring it home when I go back to the UK so she can steal it. It just adds that pop of colour I so love whenever I put together something quite simple. Okay, the overall look was nothing but simple but the actual clothes were. How cute is the blouse? Those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time know how much I love ruffles and bows and things.   I think I mixed about 6 billion shades of red on my lips that day but it was mainly a sheen lippie by Sleek in the brightest red you have ever seen as well as Mac Ruby Woo. 

Husband spoiling my picture…

I swear the sea reflecting off the exterior of the Burj Al Arab creating that blue literally gave me LIFE. I think it gave my husband life too because he was all ‘take some of me too’ which really is something because usually I have to force him for pictures but I guess that’s what happens after 6 months of marriage eh.  
  So, on this day we were treated to a beautiful meal amongst breath-taking settings and were served by a kind man named Jomin who couldn’t stop smiling whilst speaking to us. We got some cute photos together that I can’t wait to scrapbook (yes, I still do those) during my summer holidays to remind us of the most amazing day spent at Bab Al Yam.  
I’m sure most of you have aged about 5 years getting to the end of this post. If you have gotten to this section right here at the end and you actually read every single word and didn’t just scroll to the bottom? YOU are amazing!


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La Valise Diplomatique Geneve

Home. Is it really where the heart is? Or is it where your passport is? Is it where your princess bedroom lies or is home in the sandpit where your new life is? Home is a funny word. I’m not quite sure what it is at the moment. Home will always be Scotland, the beautiful country I was born in. But home at the moment is the UAE, equally beautiful in its own ways. I think at the moment I’m stuck somewhere between Scotland and the UAE. I think I’m lurking over Eastern Europe somewhere in the middle. Is that even in the middle? My geography is horrendous. However, I do love travelling and today’s post is all about a brand that not only takes the theme of travel very seriously but also adds a touch of art and history to their products.    Recently, I was sent a high quality, leather passport cover by a Swiss brand named La Valise Diplomatique Geneve. I absolutely fell in love with it and asked if I could find out a little more about the brand. Thankfully, the people at LVDG were kind enough to answer some questions that I had. You can read the answers below!I loved how crisp and opulent the cover looked. I loved the fact that it could be a cover used by both males and females and I loved the colour! I was sent the Le Richelieu Passport Holder in Mahogany and what I noticed straight away were all the pockets it had inside for cards and cash. Am I the only one who travels with 10 kilo purses with hundreds of coins for ‘wee bits’ at the airport and then forgets to use them and ends up with a sore arm carrying the blooming thing inside my handbag? I ALWAYS do this. This time for my trip back to the UK I am determined not to carry everything from my hairbrush to a large novel to our sofa set in my hand bag. I’d say a Kindle and my new LVDG passport cover shall suffice. Coins and paperbacks are so a thing of the past aren’t they? Get with the times Mulberry, get with the times.    The cover came in an elegant box so I was impressed by the packaging. Definitely will bear LVDG in mind next time I’m stuck for a gift for a male. What does one even buy them?! The covers look slick, polished and would make a great present.    The Le Richeliue holder has an understated, debossed print of the brand’s signature logo in the outer corner. Overall, I was impressed by the quality of the cover and can’t wait to use mine.

I asked Catalino Javier the Chief Commerce Officer and a Cofounder at La Valise Diplomatique some questions about the brand and loved reading his answers! Those who appreciate art will definitely strike a chord with Javier.

Question 1- How and when did your brand come about?

 Our designer, Pierre Rocheleau, was in Geneva one evening wandering leisurely around the

‘Palais des Nations’, when the idea was first conceptualized. In his words, “Geneva forges a unique sense of power within oneself, you can feel the magnitude of history running through your veins as well as witness the future being shaped in front of your very eyes”. ‘La Valise Diplomatique’ Geneve is in many ways a portrait of Geneva itself, our brand portrays a historic city where the world comes to together via the art of diplomacy in order to create the future. Our brand builds upon the vitality of Geneva and refines it into a multicultural elegance for the global elite.

Questions 2 – What is the inspiration behind the design?

Our design is primarily inspired by two movements from the early and mid-twentieth century, namely the French Art Deco movement and the Italian Futurism movement. Pierre Rocheleau builds upon the lavish modernity and industrial undertones of Art Deco with the romanticized modernity of futurism and developed a unique style that exalted both early 20th century design schools. La Valise Diplomatique Geneve believes in an understated poise as displayed with our crisp and clear lines that are accentuated by our opulent leathers.

Question 3 – Who is your target market?

Our target market is unique in the fact, that we don’t have a specific age or gender group in mind but rather a philosophy. Our brand is for those who feel inspired with authority, liberated with travel and hold a fervent urge to shape the future. La Valise Diplomatique Geneve paints the landscape, it is up to the wearer to be the portrait.

Question 4 -Do you sell with other online or in store retailers or are you completely independent?

La Valise Diplomatique Geneve is proud to be completely independent of other retailers, allowing us to retain complete creative control over all of designs and products while making sure customers receive the great service we are known for.

Question 5 – Tell us something about La Valise Diplomat that the readers of this blog would be interested in!

La Valise Diplomatique Geneve is currently building and sourcing a collection of vintage passports.  

Here is a photo of a Polish passport circa 1920, we hope to have one of the world’s largest collections some day! 

Question 6 – Anything exciting coming up for your brand?

We have an artist who has done shows in Zurich, Antwerp and Vancouver and is going to be creating some exclusive designs for La Valise Diplomatique.

I hope you enjoyed reading that.

Check out http://www.lavalisediplomat.com for more information.  

#travelessentials #nosofaset


New post coming up tomorrow and I promise it will be up TOMORROW.


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UFC woes and yellow bag

I am currently being informed about the life of Holly Holmes and Misha Tate by my husband. Both these women are UFC fighters apparently and are two of the most dangerous women on earth. Hence, I’ve decided to do a blog post because there are women full on killing one another on the TV right now. I am the feeblest human on earth and UFC literally makes me SHUDDER. Atteeq is in love with these women and I have no time for this nonsense right now so I’m writing for you guys instead.
Okay, so I realise I haven’t done a style post in SO long and have been focusing more on lifestyle pieces. Lots of you have complained about this on Snapchat so I’m listening and will promise to try and do more style posts. They just require me to dress up and look half decent and with work and wife duties I literally don’t ever get the time. However, I do have a tonne of stuff coming up but I’m just mega behind. My blog to do list is going to be ticked off before I head back to the UK at the end of this month. It’s going to be our first trip back home in 7 months, the longest I have ever been without my parents so I honestly cannot wait! Today’s outfit is a pretty simple one I put together but with a splash of colour with that yellow bag. I have been using it for EVERYTHING!

Shirt – H&M

Jeans – Forever 21

Bag – H&M

Shoes – Steve Madden

Glasses – Aldo

Hat – H&M

Watch – Daniel WellingtonThis wee bag was only like 70AED in H&M and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. H&M is so hit and miss. Sometimes I find amazing things in there and sometimes it’s literally horrendous but at the moment they have some really cool things in. I love vertical striped tops because they always make you look taller!      I am so excited to shop back in the UK. I miss the high street shops SO much. Yes, we have the same ones in Dubai but there is no place like the UK I tell you when it comes to high street shopping. The clothes they have in Zara, Topshop etc are just not the same. There will be like one nice thing in one shop whereas back home I could wear every single item in Zara. I’m sure all my ex pat ladies will know what I am talking about.  Right, the UFC has been turned off now and I guess my 100 miles an hour typing/smacking of the laptop keys has dropped the hint. Maybe we could watch a Princess movie now? Maybe not. OMG I WANT TO WATCH PRINCESS DIARIES. Remember the bit where Anne Hatheway is all ‘Grandma is it customary in Genovia to strangle guests with HERMEES scarves’. Then the grandma replies back so nonchalantly; ‘It’s Hermès’ *French accent*

I often have to be Julie Andrews and say the same to the UFC lover that I am married to.


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