Islah by Ayesha Ziya 

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Sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL recently. We had family over from the UK last week and then I caught something and have been lacking in energy majorly. But, I’ve saved the best for last for my series of posts on the Ayesha Ziya fragrances.  Today I bring you fragrance number 3 which is by far my most favourite from the three new perfumes. Islah is just absolutely gorgeous. I remember meeting Ayesha for the first time way back in October and we were sitting in Nobu after eating a truckload of Japanese food (just setting the scene here) and she pulled out the testers for her new fragrances that would be launched in a few months’ time. They had just been finalised and had come out the lab that day and I remember smelling all three and falling in love with Islah straight away because it was just my kind of scent! This one to me is more like a perfume than an Oud and is a very soft and gentle scent. I love perfumes that smell fresh and Islah is just that. I was delighted when the fragrances finally launched and I managed to get an actual bottle. I had used up that little tester within like a day.   This one is a very fruit and spicy scent and I just know you will all love it. I would say if you loved Irum then go for this one! I have been spraying it every single day to work and have gotten so many compliments. The bottle is 100ml like all the other bottles and I see me getting through this one very quick if I keep spraying at the rate I have been! As per my previous posts you can use my code Mulberry at for a discounted rate on all the fragrances.

Since this is my last post in the series I thought I would put all three of the new fragrances together and managed to get some pretty cute pictures of them all together. Is it weird that I imagine them all to be like a little family? Royal Mirage is definitely Dad because he’s strong and powerful. Signature Oud is Mum because she’s prominent but soft at the same time. Islah is the baby of the family because it has the most refreshing and youngest scent. Right, I will stop before I start marrying them all off…I have absolutely loved writing these posts and sharing my views with you because it’s just something a little different to my usual styling posts. I hope you have all enjoyed reading them. Remember to like this post and send me what you thought of Islah on Snap or Instagram! I love chatting with you all by the way. I don’t know why some of you girls get so shocked when I reply on Snap! Chat away!! I have some really exciting styling posts coming up that I can’t wait to share with you.

Rest assured that I will be drenched in Islah shooting for every single one.


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Royal Mirage by Ayesha Ziya

Yesterday I went up to our apartment building rooftop and was inspired. You know how I’m daft for a good picture? Well, luckily the rooftop was empty so down I got on my knees and placed Royal Mirage by Ayesha Ziya into the side of the pool and started clicking like a maniac with my Canon 70D. Now, why did I decide to give Royal Mirage a bath? Well, you see, the tassel on the Royal Mirage bottle is a royal blue colour. The mosaic tiles in our communal swimming pool are also royal blue. See where I’m going with this? I’ve been using Royal Mirage every other day for the past couple of weeks just as I have been wearing Signature Oud. The whole purpose of trying all three of the new Ayesha Ziya perfumes has been so I can tell you guys what I think of them. Which I’m doing right now. But then when it comes to the photographs I get all these crazy ideas in my head and well let’s just say yesterday was one of them and poor Mirage went for a wee swim! Anyway, as I was shooting away a sudden thought came to me. You, you crazy woman cannot swim to save your life. You are up here alone, on your knees at the end of a deep swimming pool. Imagine you fell in? Death by daft photography. Astaghfirullah. At that point I stopped and thought it might be a better idea to do these pool shots with someone there to supervise my craziness.As I said in my previous post, Ayesha Ziya has released three new fragrances this week and I am bringing you all three in three separate posts. I blogged the first fragrance Signature Oud a few days ago and you guys have been loving it! Just scroll down if you haven’t read that one yet.

Royal Mirage is a much stronger Oud than Signature Oud and probably the strongest out of all five fragrances. Royal Mirage is made up of warm, smoky scents and is very powerful. It has citrus tones within it mixed in with frankincense making this fragrance smell very much like traditional Arabian Oud. You literally need one or two sprays of this one and you will smell it on your clothes for hours! This is a true luxury item to have on your dresser and I would use it sparingly because of how powerful it is.
    I would say out of all three of the new perfumes, this would make the perfect Valentines gift. If you’re into all that Valentines jazz! The tassel on Royal Mirage is by far my favourite, I absolutely love the royal blue to go with ROYAL Mirage. I wonder if Ayesha did that on purpose. Thoughts Ayesha? Or Ayesha’s PA, Zunaira? Do let me know if this was just a happy coincidence or it was planned. You know, because I just need to know this because I just do. #freak    Also, by the way girls. Thought I should mention. I’ve been using Irum which is a 100ml bottle (they all are) since my wedding in July and I’ve only used up half of it. Now I do use it at least every few days so just a point to note that the fragrances do last for a long time.

Remember you will get 5% off at the checkout if you use the code Mulberry. Make sure you use it and make the most of the money off! Just to clarify, I don’t make any profit or commission from the number of bottles sold, I’m just sharing the code because its’s there for you to use if you’re planning on buying something anyway!

Right, I’d better go. We have family coming from the UK tomorrow night to stay with us for a week and I have a pile of ironing that is currently adorning the guest room bed. I also have about eight photo frames around the apartment which are still bare so I’m hoping to get some photos printed so this house finally starts to look like a home!
Hope you’re all well.

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Signature Oud by Ayesha Ziya 

As promised in my previous post, tonight I am bringing you the first of the three new Ayesha Ziya perfumes. There has been lots of anticipation building for the three new fragrances and lots of you have pre-ordered them already. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to have all three new fragrances and have been testing them out for two weeks. Since I have been wearing nothing but these three scents for a fortnight, I feel I can give you my honest opinion of each of them. I will begin with Signature Oud!  Oud being the scent of luxury, Signature Oud has a very authentic, floral scent and is long lasting. If you like your floral scents then you will love this one. This Oud has metallic notes within it as well as rich, musky undertones. Metallic notes are typically distinguished by their cool, clean and fresh scent and that’s exactly what this fragrance is all about.

As this is an Oud, the smell is fairly intense but soft and subtle at the same time and not over powering like some more traditional Ouds that are out on the market. In terms of longevity; as I said earlier, it’s a long lasting fragrance and I could still smell it on the sleeve of my top this morning that I wore yesterday. I would save this one for the evening if you are heading out somewhere nice because it’s quite a sophisticated scent if that makes sense?! Probably doesn’t. In terms of the bottle and packaging, the new fragrances all follow the signature black and gold theme that the first two Ayesha Ziya perfumes were given. The new fragrances all have different coloured tassels for each different bottle and Signature Oud comes with a silver tassel round the bottle. I like the fact that all the bottles are the same colour but just have different coloured tassels because it looks really nice having the full collection on your dresser. Firstly, they look pretty and secondly my OCD sistas will know how it feels to want things to all match. Yeah, I’m one of those. I won’t tell you what the other two are JUST YET to keep it a surprise. Actually, you could just go on to and check on there but yeah.   Moving on swiftly, each bottle comes in a hard back display box and I think the boxes are what make the perfumes feel so luxurious and make them perfect gifts. I was having a wee swatch at the website earlier and Ayesha Ziya also have a range of gift wrapping facilities that you can add on if you are wanting to buy for someone else. Hint, hint MEN – Valentines Day, cough cough, COUGH. I said COUGH!!!

Now, for the most exciting part and I’ve been told by Ayesha Ziya’s lovely team that I’m one of only a few bloggers at the moment getting this discount code so it is quite exciting that I’m going to be the reason you save a bob or two. For all my lovely readers, Team Ayesha Ziya have provided a special discount code that will give you 5% off your total at the checkout at You can use the code Mulberry on any of the five fragrances but my advice is, try the new ones. You will love them.If like me, you are concerned about purchasing a perfume online without smelling it first then you can buy a Sample Gift Box which has sample bottles of all five fragrances from the Ayesha Ziya line. You can find all the perfumes and the Sample Gift Box at Just type in Mulberry at the checkout and you will get 5% off. I will be bringing you the other two new fragrances; Royal Mirage and Islah over the next fortnight so look out for those! Lots of you love sending me Snaps so if you have any questions then remember you can Snapchat me and I will be more than happy to share my opinion! Let me know what you think and what you thought of Signature Oud. You know I love hearing from you all!Love as always,

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Interview with Ayesha Ziya 

I’m sure you will all agree that the brand Ayesha Ziya is one that we have all seen on our Instagram newsfeed almost daily over the last year or so. I will be honest, at first even I thought what is all the hype about?! I was seeing all the bloggers that I follow reviewing/promoting this new brand and it wasn’t until I actually tried the perfumes for myself that I realised why brand Ayesha Ziya became so well known so quickly. 
However, there is only so much effective marketing and promoting you can do. Truth is if your product sucks then people might buy it once because a blogger said it’s good but that isn’t going to happen again is it? Unless they love the product the first time round! Hence, I only ever feature products which I know people will like and want to buy. Kudos to the Ayesha Ziya team for managing to create the hype that surrounds the brand and getting a completely new brand out there for customers to buy and be featured within British Vogue all within a year. Quite a feat in this day and age when there are so many businesses trying to break through the ferociously competitive beauty industry. 

Break through? I’d say Ayesha Ziya has certainly managed to do that in a very short space of time. I recently met her in Dubai whilst she was out here for work organising the launch of her three new perfumes. I was so intrigued by her and just how quickly she has managed to create a success story out of her business. I managed to convince her to let me interview her for the blog so you guys can find out a little bit more about the woman behind those perfumes that you just keep schooshing!  1) How did the brand Ayesha Ziya come about and what made you launch a perfume business?

Growing up ever since I was a little girl I would always admire my mum’s luxury perfume collection, the divine smell of my mother always made me fall in love with her oriental fragrances and I wanted to grow up smelling as beautiful as she does. Living in Dubai for many years made me certain I wanted to launch my own collection in the UK. After completing a perfumery course, Ayesha Ziya Fragrances launched in February 2015 – my dreams came true!
2) From your initial idea to production how long did it take for your vision to materialise and for that first bottle to be ready? 

Approximately 3 years.

3) Where are your perfumes and packaging manufactured?

Different aspects of the perfume are sourced from different parts of the world. However, they are all put together in the Middle East.

4) What is different about the 3 new perfumes you are launching in comparison to the first two that have been so loved by people around the UK? 

The first two perfumes were a learning curve for me. I put in so much research and hard work to blend the perfect ingredients to achieve the two unique and much loved fragrances. Now, being more experienced in the manufacturing of perfumes, I was able to use my knowledge and expertise to experiment with new blends to bring even more everlasting fragrance tones which are found in the three new perfumes I’ve launched. The scents are different from the first two, but I’ve kept the same high quality level of ingredients to produce them – I wanted to create something that stayed for even longer and I feel with the new perfumes this has been achieved

5) 2015 was a big year for you! How are you going to top it this year? 

Ayesha Ziya Fragrances will most definitely be starting the year with a great start! The launch of our three new fragrances will be a massive part of the early year. We have got some more exciting things coming along in the year without me revealing too much… Let me give you one little hint…fragrance candles… So keep an eye out!

6) Can you share something with my readers about your journey that you haven’t shared on social media before?

With thousands of brands on the market, when I started the journey to create my first fragrances, I knew the bar was raised very high with the level of quality already available on the market. I knew I had to bring to the table something that was unique, something that was enticing, something that ‘you’ would all fall in love with. I spent almost a year on my ventures to research the market on fragrances. To learn how they were created and to learn what ingredients could b mixed together. I always had a dream. To create my own fragrance line that would be a high standard on the market. I didn’t just dive in – it would have been so easy to do so, but I knew I would make mistakes and this is why I took almost a year to get all the knowledge I could before pursuing in the practicality of my journey. When I did finally decide on Middle Eastern flavours after realising how the market was growing in this sector, Irum and Oud were born. With every business there are hard times and good times, but for me the hardest challenge I faced was finding loyal friendship within the business. I came across challenging obstacles which were hard to tackle while developing the brand but with every twist and turn came a new lesson that was learned!
7) Do you have any advice for budding young entrepreneurs who may wish to turn their vision into a business?

 Having your own business is never easy. No matter how good it sounds, it will always bring to the table new challenges; new obstacles to overcome and you can sometimes find yourself wondering whether tomorrow’s going to be a better day. But at the same time, build your business correctly, with passion and hard work and never giving up on your visions to create something better, and success will come. I’ve learnt in business you need to think quick, you need be know your marketplace well, you need to listen to your customers, and at the same time, have enough patience. When you sow your seeds, your garden won’t flower overnight. Treat your business like a garden with seeds. Water it well, look after it, and watch the seeds blossom into the beautiful flowers you’ve waited for.

I am one of the first people to get their hands on the three new Ayesha Ziya perfumes so I thought I would give you a little insight into the woman behind the perfumes before I blog about them. They smell absolutely AMAZING and I already have a favourite. Ayesha has also kindly provided a special discount code for money off on all her products if you read my blog. I will be bringing you the first look at new perfume number 1 on Sunday so look out for my next post!

Until then, love and kisses.

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