My Bridal Shower 

 This is something that I have been meaning to put up for a while and although there is a queue of posts to go up and I always put them up in order because I am OCD like that, for once I’m going to break my own rule.

My bridal shower. Saying that this was possibly one of the best days of my life wouldn’t be an exaggeration. I felt so loved and cared for on this day that going through the pictures for this post has actually made me well up. I have been welling up a fair amount recently. I think I’m feeling pretty home sick. It’s natural I guess. Thanks to my tearing up session, I haven’t edited any of these pictures. My makeup was done so well that day that I look photoshopped without any filtering whatsoever. Yes!

My sister threw me my bridal shower and I’m going to be completely honest here. I genuinely thought it would be the biggest disaster ever because planning and her never go together. She hates being organised and never does things on time. Thus, my expectations for the event weren’t too high. But, I underestimated my meticulous planner of a sister and was lost for once on the day when I saw what she had organised.

 She put everything together herself, from the décor to the candy jars. Everything was testimony of the fact that she had put so much effort into making this the most perfect day for me.

As I wasn’t having a mehndi I decided to wear something traditional for my bridal shower and go all out. I went to Shazia from Majestic by Eliza who had previously made my Nikah outfit and she outdid herself once again. I went with a few pictures to her of what I had in mind, the colours, the style and she just went with it. She worked on this outfit for months with her designers in Lahore and the result was absolutely beautiful. Every bit of embroidery was handmade and the amount of detail that went into this outfit was insane!  

 Now, before you ask – I did not want a Frozen themed dress. My nieces thought I was something out of Frozen and were delighted but the colour choice was purely co-incidental. I hadn’t ever worn this colour combination before and really wanted to try something different. The outfit turned out better than I had wanted it to and it was so comfortable to parade around in all day and even when we all danced the night away because of the materials that were used. Shazia suggested using layers and layers of net under the skirt to make it volumised but I also wore a net, hoop skirt underneath to make the skirt as structured as possible. I would really recommend getting one of these underskirts from the likes of eBay if you are wearing a lehnga which looks a bit blah…wear one of these babies and you will automatically go from blah to WAAAAH-OH. Here’s another look at the dress. 


My sister didnt manage to align the sticky back Instagram board graphic she had professionally made on to the board and said she was binning it on the morning because she is more OCD than me. I convinced her not to because I thought it was so cool!

 I particularly loved the pure chiffon, digital print dupatta that came with it. Shazia actually had three different dupattas made for the outfit, all in pure chiffon. I think I’m going to wear them with a plain outfit pretty soon!   

What do you guys think of the outfit?

Because I was the bride and I wanted to stand out (of course! – milk your wedding period for all its worth girls) I asked all my friends and family to wear white. It looked so lovely against the blue and it made me so happy that everyone made the effort to stick to the theme. 

Three beautiful bridesmaids!



With all of my beautiful friends 🙂

Most of you who follow my blog regularly know that my makeup is either simple mascara with bold brows, bright lipsticks for no reason or my attempts at smokey eyes which consist of nothing but black eye shadow smeared across my eyelids. On this day however, for the first time ever I said to Humera (MUA from KMAC Studio, Glasgow) to just go all out and do what she wanted. Having had my make-up done from her before I had some level of trust within her to do this but when she suggested glitter on my eyelids even I was a bit apprehensive. Then I thought, you’re getting married in a few days woman – LIVE A LITTLE. So, glitter on my eyes it was. It sounds scary but I actually think it looked pretty cool?! I would NEVER attempt this myself or I would end up looking like Boy George or something.   

How absolutely talented is Humera btw? I literally felt so amazing all day because my make-up was so flawless and it lasted the entire day. Pretty much had to use a chisel to take it off around 2am that night. Now that my friends are some good make up skills. If you are in Glasgow and surrounding areas I’m sure you already know of Humera and have seen her amazing work but if you haven’t then I can’t recommend her enough. She did my makeup for the bridal shower and my wedding and there was nothing I was unhappy with – now for someone as fussy as me that really is saying something. I really think Humera is going to become one of the biggest make-up artists in the UK pretty soon and I’m not saying this for any reason other than the fact she is actually fabulous. There are some pretty big names within the make-up industry in the UK especially within the Asian bridal market but not everyone has the skills to warrant the fame that they get. Humera may not be as well-known as the girls who charge a grand a bride but she is ten times better.

 Okay so I’m going through these pictures and look what I just came across amongst the 546873456874 shots of me prancing around in my lehnga. A shot of my brother’s shoes. I remember how whilst doing my blog shoot photos he would randomly start taking pictures of his shoes or of trees nearby just to annoy me and I would get so angry at him. Seeing this random picture of his FEET has made me well up again. Seriously, what is actually wrong with me?  

On an aside…you know this brother of mine who used to HATE taking my pictures and I used to have to strike business deals with him involving me buying him ugly leather jackets in return for four photoshoots or me being his taxi driver at weekends. You know him? Well, soon after I got married and moved out – the man went and bought his own camera WITH tripod and the works and has apparently found a new love for photography. Whenever I ask about him and his wellbeing my mother informs me that he is out in the garden taking pictures of leaves. He is coming to visit me in Dubai next month and let’s just say I have a shoot or 12 planned for us. Oh yes.

Looking back, this entire day feels like a dream. The outfit was just perfect and for that I can’t thank Shazia enough. I can’t believe I am missing the Majestic by Eliza event in Edinburgh on Sunday?! Who is going? Let me know if you are. Wish I was there in Scotland – I would have rocked up to the Corn Exchange on the 22nd looking like Elsa in my bridal shower Majestic by Eliza number! Or is it Anna who wears the turquoise dress? Shame on me.  

I miss all my friends so much and everything that they did for me during my wedding period, things that I will never forget and will probably never be able to top when their big days happen.

From my best friend/sister in law who flew in the night before my bridal shower to surprise me just so she wouldn’t miss my last chance to party with all my besties. Even though there were events taking place at home for Atteeq but she still managed to come to mine. That meant more to me than I can even describe. 


To my bestie that took time out of her insanely busy work schedule to come and stay with us in the lead up to the wedding and do everything that a sister would. Making sure I stayed calm throughout the entire process and being my driver for a week to wax appointments and the likes. I am so blessed to have you in my life!  

To my childhood best friend who flew in from the other side of the world just so she could make my wedding and gifted me a book of poems she had written for me. Okay, tearing up again. Wish we could rewind time and sit in my car eating Chicken Hut heart attack in a box food and listen to Kaka Bhaniawala songs on a side street in Govanhill.

To the best friend who mingles within my family so well that you would never know we come from culturally different backgrounds. Pretty sure she was eating a chicken jalfrezi impromptu sandwich at 1am in our kitchen after we all realised we were famished having danced like hyenas for 6 hours on the trot. You were the bridesmaid who was in the same country as me during the year before my wedding so you probably had the worst end of the deal out of all three of you. If I ever even manage to do 1% of all that you did for me over the last year then I will count that as a huge success.  

Finally, to the sister who spent her entire life annoying the hell out of me. Our whole lives were spent arguing. We genuinely hated one another until she moved away for university for four years and then the distance allowed us to see things from each other’s point of view. She has been a spoilt brat her entire life but during my wedding she stepped up and did everything that your only sister should be doing for you and more. She’s back to her usual self again according to my sources.

My mum always used to say to us when we would fight that one day we would have to leave each other and would want these moments again but we would never ever have them again. At that time, the silly cows that we both were would say ‘oh please, not this again’. Which Pakistani mum doesn’t say these things? About how we will one day leave our family and look back and think why did we fight? Well you know what, they are all right.

They are so right that I wish if there was one thing I could ever convince my followers of, it’s that you will never have this time again. This time that you have right now where you are sitting on your phone reading my blog post instead of putting your phone away and sitting with your mum. This time that you have where you are arguing with your brother over your car or who fuelled up the last time and who used all the petrol up. This time that you have right now where you are getting annoyed at your dad for making you run an errand when you were just about to go and see your friends. Or this time where you and your sister are sitting in your own rooms doing your own thing instead of sitting with each other just watching a DVD or something.

Hindsight is one of these things that makes you realise that we as human beings take for granted those that are closest to us. My sister said to me on Skype last night that one of the biggest things that used to annoy her about me was the fact that I am always so nice that nobody would ever take her side even if I was in the wrong. I laughed at this so much because this couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t feel like a very nice person when I think back to all the times when I fought with my siblings over stupid things like the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit (lol Madiha) or the car keys or the cleaning. I feel even worse when I think about all the times I neglected my mum to go and do my own thing when all she wanted was a bit of company.

We all do it. We all make mistakes and then look back and think ‘why did I do that?’. We all look back at photographs from special days in our lives and think I wish I could have these moments again. Well, you can’t. But if it’s within your control now and you’re still living with your family then make more time for them. Argue less with them and make the most of the time that you have. Believe me, one day it will make sense to you just like what my mum used to say makes sense to me now.

Moving away from my family has allowed me to see just how much they did for me and just how selfish I could be sometimes. Us humans eh? We always realise things too late. But it’s not all doom and gloom – I know now that whenever I do see my family, I will make every moment count and won’t go and lounge around in my room by myself on a Friday night.

My bridal shower was a special day and one that I won’t ever forget. I thought I would share it all with you to give you some ideas and also so one day I can look back and read all about it myself when my memory starts deceiving me. One day, it will. After all, that’s the cycle of life.


Miss Mulberry


Comeback with Coast 

Erm, who exactly do I think I am?! Comeback? Yeah, you know how I love a bit of alliteration but I couldn’t find something beginning with C so ‘comeback it is’. Never mind. But anyway, my outfit posts are back so this is my comeback to my blog! This is my first bit of styling from Dubai so I hope you like! 

Top – Zara

Skirt -Coast 

Shoes – Office Shoes

Bag – New Look 

Necklace – Aldo Accessories 

Watch – Kennet Brand 

Earrings -Aldo Accessories 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I organised a meet up for some of my Dubai followers on Friday night and it was so much fun! Will bring you more about that and the experience in my next post. For now, let’s talk outfit. I wanted to wear something really pretty but also something a little but fancy. Now, I would not wear this skirt to dinner in the UK normally and would probably save it for a party but I can get away with it here in Dubai. You can be as fancy as you like here! Girls walk through the malls with false eyelashes and full contour during the day meanwhile I’m walking through with my balding lashes without any mascara on. It’s a whole new world! But I like that girls make more of an effort to dress up here. I am more than willing to oblige to this side of Dubai life. Any excuse to dress up!


   Now let me tell you one thing I have noticed about Dubai high street shops. Everything is SO long. I am around 5ft 6 so I have never really had problems with the length of standard sizes before but since being here every time I have lifted a normal size 6/8 skirt or dress it has been about 6 inches too long. I’m not even exaggerating! One dress from Mango was too long on my husband and he is 6ft2! I haven’t managed to find anything so far which wouldn’t need tailored to my size at the hem. This skirt I suspect is actually a midi but because things here are so much longer it ended up looking like a maxi on me. For once it worked in my favour because the longer length meant no need to wear tights. Girls if you’re in Dubai then definitely take some skirts like this home because I struggled to find skirts like this back in the UK that catered for Muslim women.

 You will find that high street shops here do follow the fashion trends from the West but here and there they stock things that are exclusive to the UAE and have a very authentic feel to them. You might find things that you wouldn’t see in Zara in Buchanan Street, Glasgow from example. What I will say is that when we got here it was like 40 degrees heat and the shops had all stocked cable knits and fur coats. I kid you not. Because the shops follow the European trends it can be quite difficult to find clothes that actually go with the weather of Dubai. I’m not joking there are full on military coats in Zara here at the moment. Leather jackets also. I know right?
Since being here I have struggled to find clothes to wear which I can style in my own way. Don’t get me wrong there are SO many high street shops here. You have pretty much everything other than Primark. But when I have actually looked for something I have really struggled. It was actually a struggle putting this outfit together because I just couldn’t find what I had in mind. I’ve realised very quickly that Designer shopping out here is AMAZING but if you’re looking to put together a high street shops outfit then you may struggle a little. This is just my experience and I haven’t even started looking for new and up and coming designers, small boutiques in Dubai. Perhaps when I venture out of the malls I will find more outfits to put together.

Must go shopping properly soon!

So far all I have done is buy bits for the house. HomeCentre is literally my favourite shop in Dubai. Who even am I?   Anyway back to this outfit. So I was walking past Coast one day, having a browse and came across this gorgeous skirt. I instantly fell in love with it and just had to have it. My husband piped in that where on earth would I even wear it to. I informed him that I would FIND somewhere to wear it to. Lo and behold when the idea for my meet up came to me this was the first thing I thought of wearing. I based the entire outfit around the skirt and had lots of fun putting it all together. Initially I was looking for a bit of a dramatic blouse with a pussy bow neck but after trawling through endless shops at Dubai Mall I settled on this little number from Zara. I thought it was cute.

 You can’t really go wrong with a pair of nude heels so I wore my trusty Office points. When accessorising I really wanted to pick out the pale blue of the skirt. Thankfully I found something dramatic and pale blue in Aldo Accessories in Mall of the Emirates in the form of this fab necklace!   

  I absolutely loved how structured the necklace was and how it picked out the colours of the skirt. I wore my favourite Kennet Brand watch just to break up all the pastels up a bit!   

 I kept my eye make up dark and lips a peachy colour to compliment the pastel blue.

What do you all think?  

And there we have it, my first look after three months. Here are some more pictures of the outfit:    

Can I give a massive thank you to my friend Natasha (@nattyakhan on Instagram) for being my photographer for the night. This was not an easy shoot for either of since the maintenance guys of my building were chilling out by our communal pool. Let’s just say they got a bit of an insight into street style shooting. Except this wasn’t a street and was the rooftop of my apartment building. Natasha did a fab job and is a great wee photographer. Check out her page for sure. We are looking forward to finding cool locations to shoot in Dubai but for now the residents of my building may just have to put up with my impromptu photo shoots whilst they shoot some rays.

Love as always,

Miss Mulberry 





Well hello there.

The last time I wrote something on here I’m pretty sure I was up in the sky flying home from my honeymoon talking about the moment when it hit me that I was married. Well, a lot has changed since then. Like, literally.

For those of you who only read my blog and don’t follow me on Instagram, I moved to Dubai on the 20th of August. I have been away from home for 12 weeks now and I’m at that stage of ‘I’m getting used to it here but I still feel like part of me is still somewhere along the way between Dubai and Scotland’. If that makes sense. It doesn’t does it?

From the moment we got here, I loved it. I felt settled in pretty much straight away. But I have these moments where I miss my family and friends so much I feel like I am on a different planet from them and I haven’t seen them for years. I know this is normal though because it would be pretty weird if I didn’t miss anyone wouldn’t it? Since we got here we have had two sets of visitors and have done loads in and around Dubai.

I thought I would just do a brief post on the move to Dubai. A lot of you have emailed/DM’d to ask for advice about moving out here so here are my top tips/general advice for anyone thinking of moving here.

  • Do your research before deciding to move out here. I know from my pictures and what you see online makes Dubai seem like all one does is socialise and party and lay in the sun (yes, we do that sometimes) but working out here is no different than working in the UK. Work is hard and your hours may be longer as well. My main advice is, don’t come out here if you are looking for an easier ride and tax free salary. Work is work wherever you are and a lot of people come out here thinking they will have more free time. That isn’t necessarily true. The term ‘work hard, play hard’ was made for Dubai. People out here work really hard during the week and then have choc-a-block weekend doing lots of social things. My weekends out here are so full because half the time there’s someone or the other stopping over or just here for a holiday. So, don’t come out here with false expectations and an airy fairy view that just because it’s Dubai your life that you are trying to escape form the UK will be absolutely hunky dory instantly. Expect to work hard and even struggle to adjust at first and you will be fine.
  • The job market here is very competitive so if you are coming out here to look for work when you get here do know that I wouldn’t recommend this. Unless, you come out here with your husband/wife who has secured a job with an international contract. This will entitle you to accommodation or an accommodation allowance, flights and usually medical insurance. This will allow you to have some security with one income coming in and one person looking for a job. It can take months to find a job once you’re here so I wouldn’t come out here until you have signed on the dotted line and have secured yourself a contract.
  • There are TONNES of ex pats. Like literally, I sometimes forget I am living in the Middle East because there are so many British people as well as people from all around the world. It’s one of the best things about Dubai, the fact that you have so many people from different countries and can have all the things from back home without the rain. I actually miss the rain. Now, there’s a sentence I never thought I would say. It never rains In Dubai. Well, it hasn’t so far anyway. Apparently you get around two days of rain a year.
  • Networking is a huge part of Dubai life. The best way to get a job out here is by meeting people and just putting yourself out there. Places like LinkedIn are the most popular way of finding jobs but there are also some other websites that are the best ones for looking for jobs so I will add these on at the end of the post.
  • Don’t come out here just for the tax free salary because things are very expensive here. There’s just two of us here and we spend around 100 pounds a week on food shopping alone because things like fruit and veg are obviously expensive since everything is imported. Clothes are around 15% more expensive also. So yes you might come out here with a higher salary but life in general is more expensive so it kind of balances out. That’s not to say that you won’t be able to save. You will! Just not the first few months. When you first get out here you spend A LOT of money so do come here with some amount of savings. Coming out here and using credit cards is not a good idea because you will start to feel the pressure very quickly and have lots of bills to pay soon as you get here. But again, expect that when you move out here and you will be fine. If you plan on sponsoring your spouse you are looking at around 500 pounds so bear that in mind. You can only sponsor your spouse once your residence visa comes through. All this would be explained to you by the company that you work for or you could do your own research on the website at the bottom of this post.
  • Dubai is a good place to live if you want to travel around the Middle East and Asia. Places like Sri Lanka and India are only a few hours away on the plane and you can literally go for getaways to Sri Lanka for a few days. How cool is that? There are seven emirates in Dubai and we are going for a getaway next month to Ras Al Khaimah. We plan on checking out the UAE first before we start exploring further afield. I will be sure to keep you posted on our trip to RAK. That’s another thing – EVERYTHING in Dubai has an abbreviation. I’m still getting to grips with all of them. For example people kept saying MOE and it took me days to figure out this was Mall of Emirates!
  • If you want a change in life and think you are quite happy to adapt to a new country and don’t mind the heat then definitely consider Dubai. If you are someone that can’t bear heat (like my sister who just moaned about her hair not coping with humidity from the moment she got here) then maybe think about somewhere a little less hot. It has cooled down a lot now though and I am loving the fact that we can sit outside for dinner now.

Here are some useful websites if you are thinking of moving to Dubai.

If you are looking for Teaching Jobs within the UAE from the UK then your best bet is to apply via TES: Or alternatively try:

I hope this helps. I know this is very general stuff but I just want everyone who comes out here to have an open mind and know that moving to a new country is not all plain sailing. I have had some days where I have found it tough and wanted to go home but that’s bound to happen when you are away from family. Overall, I absolutely LOVE Dubai and can see why so many people want to come out here. I have gotten used to life here very quickly and I’m enjoying every moment of it. I’ve been enjoying it so much that I’ve had a three month break from blogging but I’m back now and I am totally ON IT! You won’t be able to stop me now, I literally have a massive backlog of posts to go up including top places to see/things to do in Dubai and Afternoon tea experience at the Burj Al Arab. If you guys have anything else you want me to post on then comment below or message me on Instagram @missmulberry. I’m going to be posting a lot more now and will be doing lots of new looks now that the weather is cool enough for me to stand outside to shoot and not be fried within two minutes!

My apologies I haven’t included in pictures in this one but I have lots to do just now and really wanted to get this post up. I have my first meet up that I have organised for my blog readers in Dubai tonight and I want to go and shave my arms. I don’t want them to think that in pictures I’m smooth as anything and in reality a grizzly grufallo!

I hope you guys will read all about my exciting new journey and I can’t wait to share it all with you!


Miss Mulberry

P.S. How cheesy is this post title but I’m a bit rusty after a three month break do don’t judge me.