Kurta Kouture, Dholki Dancing

Current state of affairs: my ceiling is leaking because of this torrential downpour that has been occurring since the last 29 hours, I am wearing my baby brothers hoody, it’s 1.43am and I am listening to a song titled, CHALLAN PAKHIYAN. Literally translated, I think this means ‘start fanning’ which makes no sense. I hate it when the meaning of songs gets lost in translation. The context of the song is from the point of a man who is so awe struck by the beauty of his beloved’s face that he asks her to sit in front of him so he can fan her with a hand held fan. Now, you may think SAY WHAAAAAAT but if you are living in a village with no electricity, then imagine having your own personal hand held fan assistant for life? Now, that’s love. Okay, it’s kinda creepy but go with me here. This song has been in my head since last night’s dholki.


So I attended my friend’s sister’s dholki last night and it was so much fun! My dancing skills are probably as developed as my hand held fan spinning skills, however, I had a great time ‘dancing’ the night away. What made it worse was that said friend is like a natural born SAROJ KHAN (Bollywood dance choreographer) so even if I was good, which I am not, I still would have looked ridiculous.


This woman has helped many a Bollywood star with their dancing. I love her eccentric poses. Anyway.

I did look ridiculous. But that’s the best nights isn’t it? When you can dance all your cares away without a worry in the world.

Thankfully, I was sensible enough to shoot my outfit of the night before I went and made a sweaty mess of my hair and make up.


Kurta – Limelight from Kurta Kouture
Trousers – Material tailored to size
Shoes – Dune
Earrings – Belong to sister in law

Well, this outfit sounds very sourced together doesn’t it? I fell in love with this kurta the moment it came through the door. I’m a big fan of jamawar material and this was a high quality jamawar piece both in design and colour.
When I thought about what to wear with it bottoms wise, I found a random outfit I had made in Pakistan just for casual wear and I thought the trousers from that went pretty well with the top.
My engagement party shoes came out to play again and finally I found my sister in laws earrings in my jewellery box and thought they went perfectly with the buttons on the kurta.

These are her favourite earrings and I remember she gave me them to borrow on the engagement party just incase I didn’t find any other jewellery to wear. I didn’t end up wearing them on that day but they had been in my jewellery box for seven months and I totally forgot about them till I came across them yesterday. Thank you Ash 🙂

I chose to dress up a kurta because I wanted to be comfortable but make a bit of an effort at the same time. I tried to glam up the whole look with big hair and dark eyes.

The detailing on the kurta was really nice with the piping and embellished buttons which glammed it up a notch.


This outfit is a good example of creating a whole new outfit using one new item and making the best of what you already have in your wardrobe around it. If you want to buy this peach number then check out http://www.kurtakouture.co.uk or you can follow them on Instagram @kurtakouture. I found their delivery to be efficient and they have some nice stuff on their website.

I better sleep now since my eye bags are hanging down to my knees.

I will keep my next few posts short and sweets and just let the pictures do the talking so I can bring you all the looks from the different events fairly quickly. I say this but I will still end up adding my commentary in.

Right I’m off. I hope you all have someone/find someone willing to be your personal hand held fan man for life 🙂


Here's what happened when God's fan decided to start up midi photoshoot. Lawl, I'm too funny. Just kidding.

Love as always,



4 thoughts on “Kurta Kouture, Dholki Dancing

  1. Hi Sameera,

    I absolutely love your blog.I am contacting you from Sonas Haute Couture and would love to collaborate with you.
    Please do email me in regards to this.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Sonas Haute Couture.

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